Palo Alto College kicks off Heritage Month celebrations

Month-long events to celebrate culture

SAN ANTONIO – Palo Alto College kicked off Heritage Month on Monday.

The month-long celebration is in honor of indigenous heritages of South Texas, such as Native American, Mexican-American, Mexican, Latin and Afro-Latin groups.

The events kicked off with a performance from a group rooted in Aztec Culture. There are also other events featuring different cultures through music, literature and other types of art.

The events are meant to help the community learn about the people around them.

"You know, right now, our cultural understanding of each other is very important because a lot of conflict comes from just not understanding each other,” Dr. Lori Rodriguez, coordinator at the Center for Mexican American Studies, said. “So this is something that is important all year around but especially in this time."

Heritage Month will run through Oct. 12. For a full list of events, click here.