Texas school edits homecoming queen's purple hair in photo

District apologizes for 'incorrect photo'

(FreeImages.com/Rob Gonyea)

A Texas high school has apologized after changing the color of the homecoming queen's hair in a photo, The Associated Press reported.

Ebony Smith's hair was purple when she was crowned last month, the AP reported. But when North Shore Senior High School posted the picture of Smith with the homecoming king on the school district's website last week, her hair was edited to look brown.

Smith said the photo was poorly edited (purple was still visible on some parts) and embarrassing, the AP reported..

Smith had agreed to dye her hair brown after homecoming since the bright color is a dress code violation.

The Galena Park Independent School District issued a statement this week, apologizing for the "incorrect photo."

"Galena Park ISD was contacted earlier today regarding a photo displayed on the webpage with one of our press releases. After looking into this parent’s concern, we did discover the incorrect photo was posted with the story highlighting her child," the district said. "The error was immediately corrected, and our district sincerely apologizes to the student affected and her parents. Our intent has been, and will continue to be, to acknowledge and spotlight the accomplishments of our students, and we do regret this mistake."

The district has replaced the edited photo with a black-and-white version.

The high school tweeted a photo of Smith with purple hair: