Proposed 'do not hire' list to keep convicted teachers from moving to other districts

Change would create portal for district leaders to report improper relationships

SAN ANTONIO – Texas leads the nation in teachers charged with having inappropriate relationships with students. A new proposal could change the way these kinds of cases are handled by the state.

What Texas Education Agency does now:

  • Superintendents or principals must report an incident of an inappropriate relationship with a student to the state within seven days of the incident or face consequences.

  • TEA flags any educator reported, listing on the website’s "virtual certificate look-up" that the person is under investigation.

  • The state leaves hiring up to the district, which must do its own due diligence to see if teachers have been flagged.

  • There is no online portal or generic online form for districts to report incidents.

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A proposed "do not hire" list would aim to keep convicted teachers from falling through the cracks and moving to other districts.

New proposals for the "do not hire" list:

  • It would allow the State Board of Education to suspend the teaching certificate of anyone criminally charged with unlawful interactions with students/children.

  • It would add those educators to a statewide list, preventing them from getting any jobs working with students.

  • It would create an online portal for district leaders to report improper teacher-student relationships.

What an official from the San Antonio Alliance of Teachers and Support Personnel is saying:


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