San Antonio College increases student engagement with Lightboard

Illuminated glass chalkboard changes way lectures are presented

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SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio College faculty are presenting class material in a new way. 
The staff is using fluorescent markers to write on an illuminated glass chalkboard called Lightboard. 
"The lightboard was a project we started about two years ago," senior multimedia specialist Sean Ryan said. "I discovered it on Northwestern College's website, and I adapted their plans and ordered the extruded aluminum, and glass and the LED lights."
The lectures are recorded with different cameras and are posted online for an on-demand experience. 

Professor Tom Yingst enjoys using the Lightboard.

"The students can review this material prior to coming to class," Yingst said. "It really enhances the learning in the classroom," Yingst said. 

Ryan said Lightboard is a lecture game-changer.

"Typically when a professor or instructor writes on a dry erase board or blackboard, their back is to the audience. They obstruct the view of what they are writing. This will not obscure the writing. It allows the professor to lecture to the camera, therefore the student watches the presentation, they are more engaged, like they are actively being lectured to," Ryan said. 

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