Teachers at Spanish Grove Academy get big surprise for Teacher Appreciation Week

Parents give teacher's lounge a makeover

SAN ANTONIO – This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, and parents from Spanish Grove Academy in Stone Oak wanted to give back to the teachers.

With a budget given to them by the school and the ability to raise funds themselves, the parents took on the task of making over the teacher's lounge.

"These guys invest a lot of love and care into our children, and we want to do something nice for them as well," parent Demetrius Gersham said. 

They locked up the doors to the lounge last week, and told the teachers there was a water leak inside that was needing repairs. 

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The weekend-long project took many hours, and over a dozen parents giving up their time to complete the project by Monday. 

The entire room was repainted, new cabinets installed, the old closet turned into a computer nook, and all new furniture inside.

On Monday, the teachers were finally able to re-enter their lounge, and it was a big surprise. 

"That feeling that parents care, and they want to make us feel special this week for Teacher Appreciation, it was just wonderful, " teacher Pamela Jimenez said.

"I'm humbled to have had the opportunity to do it for them," parent Ulysses Nieves said. "I'm glad they they're happy and they are going to be able to enjoy it."

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