Palo Alto College kicks off Heritage Month with series of events

Events include film screenings, panels, author readings over next several weeks

SAN ANTONIO – Palo Alto College kicked off its 2018 Heritage Month on Monday. For the next several weeks, the school will host events aimed at celebrating and honoring the traditions and contributions of several cultures that have long thrived in South Texas, including Native American, Mexican, Mexican-American, Hispanic, Chicano, Latino and Afro-Latin.

“I believe now more than ever, understanding our cultures and histories, all of our cultures and histories, is very important because a lot of conflict that's occurring in our political and social landscape comes from not knowing our histories, not knowing about each other's cultures,” said Lori Rodriguez, with Palo Alto College’s Center for Mexican-American Studies. “I think that's something that is our responsibility as an academic institution — is to teach students those histories and cultural competency.”

Palo Alto celebrates Heritage Month every year, which coincides with the national Hispanic Heritage Month.

Some of the events include film screenings, panel discussions and author readings.

For more information on the events, click here.