Keystone School celebrates big anniversary

School opened its doors seven decades ago

SAN ANTONIO – Keystone School opened its doors seven decades ago and we looked at some of its success, student accomplishments and how the private school continues to flourish with so many other competitors around. 

Christopher Zhu said he credits his success in life to his time at Keystone School. 

“They push you to advocate for yourself and to hustle,” Zhu said. 

Most recently, he studied abroad in Japan. 

“I got to go for about a month and experience Japanese health care, which was really cool and interesting,” Zhu said. 

After graduating from Keystone School, Zhu went to UTSA and is now heading to medical school. 

He said his opportunities were made possible because of the education he received at the small private school. 

“They were academically rigorous, but I think because they are rigorous they prepared me well for college and I’m assuming medical school as well,” Zhu said. 

The school opened 70 years ago. 

According to Keystone School, in 2006, the College Board named it the best school in the world. 

Former student Jason Nydegger would likely agree; he returned to teach at the school. 

“Class size was about 22 for the senior class compared to now 36-38 for this year seniors,” Nydegger said. 

Today, they have nearly 500 students enrolled and more than 60 teachers. 

“Teachers always put something in front of you and challenged you and tried to get you to expand your thinking on, which we continue to do this day,” Nydegger said. 

With the popularity of non-traditional education like charter and online schools, head of school William Handmaker said Keystone’s holistic approach to education inside and outside the classroom sets them apart. 

“There’s academic excellence, there’s ethical growth, there’s community involvement and responsible leadership,” Handmaker said.

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