Great Graduates: Matt Leonard, Saint Mary's Hall

SAN ANTONIO – It’s not every day you hear of a high school student starting his own business, one that not only thrives in our community but also helps his brother and his brother's friends with autism. Matt Leonard of Saint Mary’s Hall is a great graduate because he not excels in the classroom and on the baseball diamond, but also he is a star in the community.

Q: Why did you start Independent Shredding?

A: “My brother Mikey who is on the autism spectrum and has cognitive impairment was having trouble finding a job and we decided to create the opportunity for him through this shredding company,” said Matt Leonard.

Leonard thought of the idea and immediately got to work making it come to fruition.

“We bought a shredder and just started calling law firms and households to see who would take us and luckily the community supported us a lot and we have been going ever since,” said Leonard.

Q: Why does this company help your brother and those with autism?
A: “It’s actually work they find fulfilling and its a means by which my brother and some of his friends were able to find some financial independence, which is the most important part,” said Leonard.

Leonard said the company that’s started just 3 years ago is stable and has 50 different clients.

Matt Leonard is headed off to college in the fall, choosing between Harvard and MIT, looking to play baseball and study either bioengineering or neuroscience.

Q: What’s next for the company?

A:”I’m hoping to find someone to run the company while I’m gone we are looking at multiple organizations as well as individuals so that the company cannot only run but grow,” said Leonard.

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