Great Graduates: Kara Culp, Johnson High School

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio student Kara Culp will graduate from Johnson High School with perfect attendance and many awards as a result of her hard work. 

“She always wanted to be present and I think it all began with kindergarten. The first year, not missing a day, and then the next year she made it a goal again and she just kept on going,” said Elizabeth Culp, Kara's mother.

Kara Culp is passionate about arts and spends time giving back to the community. 

“I volunteer every year at a kids day camp and I really enjoy working with students,” she said. 

She was accepted into two universities. 

“I think the world is at her fingertips. She can accomplish whatever she wants. I just hope she follows what she loves,” said Oscar Velazquez, one of her teachers.

“Whatever she wants to do, (she has) a lot of perseverance. If she wanted to read something, she will sit down and read the whole book ... I have no doubt going forward, whatever she does, whichever school she goes to, I think she will accomplish it with no problem,” said Kalvin Culp, her father. 

Kara Culp said the path to success is for students to "try a lot of different things to see what they really want to enjoy. I was lucky the school provided me different opportunities in different fields, so I can see what I wanted to do with my life later on."

Culp wants to major in history and eventually become a teacher overseas. 

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