Randolph High School athlete hopes to return to SA as a professional

All-state hurdler plans to study nonprofit leadership at UNT

SAN ANTONIO – Drew Williams, a soon-to-be high school graduate, plans to achieve her dreams of helping give back to her community one day through her talent of running.

Williams attends Randolph High School and has committed to the University of North Texas' track team. She will pursue a degree in communications and nonprofit leadership, while being a college athlete.

"If I know that I have more, or more access to certain resources, I need to bring those back and help others gain those resources so they can bring themselves out of that, because I just don't want to see people not reaching their full potential," Williams said.

During her final year in high school, she's learned a big life lesson: time management. Those who know Williams know that if it's not listed on her planner, it won't get done.

"I bought a planner and every Sunday night, I whip it open and I write down every single thing I need to do that week. Every minute is planned out," Williams said.

It's her method to deal with some of her biggest challenges. On her planner, you'll find tasks such as finishing her free application for federal student aid application, exams for her college courses, volunteering, catching up with friends and even her workouts.

"Every Saturday morning, I go out and run for about an hour and a half," Williams said.

In the fall of 2019, Williams will run with the North Texas Mean Green, but her eye is set on a bigger prize.

"No race or grade feels as good as making someone else feel good," Williams said.

Williams hopes to make it back to San Antonio to work for a nonprofit, as she says serving others has always been a priority.

"My church has a super cool nonprofit organization called Reach SA. Every year, we have a back to school bash where we give away free bikes, school supplies, dental screenings and physicals."

Even ahead of college, Williams has already started training for UNT through college courses and running long distance every Saturday morning. Both tasks have been a challenge but have taught her resilience to keep going even in the most daunting days.

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