KSAT Kids: Learn what causes thunder & the history of San Antonio's other airport

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Good morning, educators!

We hope the school year is off to a rousing and successful start. 

New this year, KSAT 12 has decided that we'd like to try to help educate those bright young minds.

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Here's what can be found on KSAT Kids for Thursday, October 17: 


VIDEO: How Does Fog Form?

In this edition of Weather 101, a KSAT 12 meteorologist answers the question, "How does fog form?" Click to watch.

VIDEO: Dark Car Sun Shade Experiment

KSAT 12 meteorologist Kaiti Blake sees how much of an impact a sun shade will have on a black vehicle. View the video in the link above.

VIDEO: What causes thunder?

In this edition of Weather 101, we answer the question, "What causes thunder and why can it be so loud?"


VIDEO: How King William got its name, historic design and charm

The origins of the King William District can be traced to the late 1700s when the land was designated for the family of Mexican sculptor Pedro Huizar and the Indigenous people in the area. Click to view and read the article.

VIDEO: History of Stinson Municipal Airport

The Stinson Municipal Airport has been part of San Antonio's rich aviation history for more than a century. KSAT 12 tells us about the airport's beginnings as a flight school and the woman behind the airport who just wanted to reach the skies.

VIDEO: Unique Texas town names: Jourdanton, Gruene

First up on this trip to some of Texas' towns with unique names is Jourdanton, about an hour's drive south of San Antonio. Inside the locally owned Jourdanton Hardware, patrons almost always get the town's name right. Just about everyone else does not. Then it's on to the picturesque, well-known but often mispronounced Gruene. Those who live and work here say it happens all the time.


A Haunting in South Texas: KSAT crew survives overnight stay inside haunted hospital (Video)

A KSAT 12 crew spent the night at one of the most haunted places in South Texas, the Yorktown Memorial Hospital, accompanied by San Antonio paranormal investigators. Here's what we found.

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Coach Tim Salinas from Pleasanton ISD is featured this week. Do you know a classroom or school that is doing amazing work and deserves to be featured in KSAT Kids? Nominate a teacher or school by emailing ksatkids@ksat.com.

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