Study tips for high schoolers

By Kristina Proffitt

Getting into the right study habits can make all the difference. Check out these tips that will help you to avoid cramming for exams last minute and set you up for success down the road.

1. Have a designated study space. It can be challenging to focus on your studies when you're home and have so many distractions around you. Find a quiet place that is away from your television, bed, and friends to really zone in on your work. Try a library or coffee shop where you can sit up in a chair for extra focus.

2. Put your phone away and set to silent. Turn your phone off entirely or set to silent/do not disturb when you need to concentrate on your study materials. Phones are a huge distraction and the constant dinging and buzzing makes it hard to study.

3. Eat a healthy, substantial before you hit the books. If your stomach is empty, you'll feel exhausted and won't be able to focus your mind. Make sure you fuel up before a big study session with a nutritious meal for best results.

4. Stay organized. High school students have so many different classes and exams throughout the semester, making it difficult to manage time effectively. By creating a schedule for what to study and when, students can organize their time and take one task at a time instead of inefficiently jumping from subject to subject.

5. Make flashcards. Turning notes into flashcards is a tried and true study method. This can help you if you want to quiz yourself on the material and the act of creating the flashcards gives you an extra review.

6. Study and review your notes consistently. Consistency is key! An all-night cram session will not help you retain important information. This will take time and dedication. Spend 10-15 minutes every night reviewing your notes or flashcards in the weeks leading up to a big exam for best results.

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