A Dog Quinceañera and More Puppy Stories Making Us Smile This Week

Let's be honest... we could all use more Good News amid the coronavirus pandemic. And what better way to make us smile than with some feel-good stories about dogs?

ET's rounded up the best pics and videos we've seen (so far!) of pups across the country living their best lives while their owners are at home, all day, every day, quarantined. 

Our first story comes from McKinney, Texas, where dog mom Kelly Hollern Schaper and her husband, Chris, threw an epic quinceañera parade for their dog, Sunday, who turned 15 last month.

"This was our project today 🎉," she wrote on Facebook, with plenty of adorable pics from the celebration. "Happy 15th or (105th) Birthday Sunday! We celebrated Fiesta style since it's her Quinceañera!"

"Thank you Canyon for helping me with decorating her wagon and pulling it around the neighborhood," she added. "We had lots of cheers 🎉."

And this was our project today 🎉Happy 15th or ( 105th) Birthday Sunday! We celebrated Fiesta style since it’s her...

Posted by Kelly Hollern Schaper on Friday, April 10, 2020

Meanwhile, in Gråsten, Denmark, people walking by Ranveig Bjørklid Levinsen's house can't seem to help themselves from laughing. That's because her two bulldogs, Bogart and Winston, love sticking their heads out of cut-out holes in the fence, which are now decorated with paint daily!


Kongen af Vejen 💟 king of the road 😂 ➡️Følg 112nyheder hvis du støtter hverdagens helte!

Posted by 112nyheder on Friday, May 1, 2020

Karen and Mark Heuwetter's pups, Buddy and Barley, have also been making headlines for bringing beers (and smiles!) to residents around Long Island, New York. The two have become resident brew dogs for the Six Harbors Brewing Company in Huntington.

See below for more delightful doggies:


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