Nicholas Hoult Gives Rare Comments on Fatherhood, Talks ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ (Exclusive)

Nicholas Hoult isn't one to talk about his personal life, but he did chat with ET's Katie Krause about what life has been like for him since he started quarantining due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It was reported in April 2018 that the 30-year-old actor and Bryana Holly welcomed a son together, and while they've yet to reveal the boy's name, Hoult did tell ET that there's been much more time for family nowadays.

"It's horrible circumstances for it to happen under but I'm very grateful to be getting this time," Hoult shared. "Normally when we're shooting, we're spending 14, 15 hours a day at work. ...You don't get to see a whole lot of your family."

He added, "This has been a really nice time just to be at home and get back to playing with cards and all sorts of stuff."

As for how fatherhood has changed him, Hoult said it's made him more "playful."

"I guess obviously it's a evolution in your life," he explained. "I think it's given me more perspective on things and a chance to to escape work even more and put that into context. ...I'm loving it. It's fun. And also you kind of live your childhood through them in many ways and it brings back lots of great memories. Its a fun journey to be on."

Hoult added that though fatherhood hasn't affected his work yet, he is "probably watching more cartoon and kid shows."

"So maybe I'm going to start trying that," he quipped.