Goldie Hawn Recalls Watching 'Overboard' While in Bed With Kurt Russell

(Aaron Rapoport/Corbis/Getty Images)

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are reliving the early days of their relationship. The 74-year-old actress appeared on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on Sunday and recalled breaking her rule about never watching her own movies.

"There was one time when Kurt and I were actually in bed and we were getting ready to snuggle and the TV was on," Goldie said of her longtime partner, who she met in 1966, nearly two decades before they began dating in 1983.

While the TV was just supposed to be on for some ambient lighting, that changed when Goldie and Kurt, 69, realized what was playing on the screen.

"It was us! It was us in Overboard," she said of the beloved 1987 romantic comedy. "So the two of us forgot what we were gonna do, and we ended up watching the movie."

"It was so fabulous... how we started looking at what we did together," Goldie continued. "It was great!"

While Goldie and Kurt have co-starred in five movies together, the actress has her eye on another family project, this time with her kids, Oliver and Kate Hudson.

"We've all thought about it. In every iteration we all laugh and go, 'Oh my God, can you imagine?'" Goldie said of potentially starring in a flick with her kids.

It wouldn't just be Oliver, 43, and Kate, 41, starring in the movie, though, as Grandma Goldie would like to see the siblings' combined six children in the project as well.

"What's interesting is our grandchildren are also talented. So you're thinking, 'What would happen?' Oliver's children and Kate's too, they're naturals," Goldie praised. "And we thought, in our lifetime, wouldn't it be [great]... to do one movie with the whole family? I mean it'd be amazing."

Watch the video below for more on Goldie's family. 


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