All the Best Summer Movies Streaming, On Demand and (Fingers Crossed!) in Theaters

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Welcome to the strangest summer movie season ever. The days of flocking to the cinema for the latest superhero movie or seasonal indie hit are gone -- or at least, put on hold -- but just because you aren't taking your seat with your bucket of popcorn in a theater full of strangers doesn't mean Hollywood has nothing to offer. We'll be seeing movies this summer, one way or another.

And those ways are these: Streaming, with Netflix and Hulu rolling out their newest movies as planned alongside offerings from Disney+, HBO Max and more. Via VOD or other on-demand options, with new titles skipping theaters altogether for you to rent or buy at home. And, if all goes according to plan, in socially distanced theaters within the next few months. (In the meantime, look into your local drive-in.)

So we may have to adjust the way we're used to watching movies for the time being, but you can still count on blockbusters about superpowered people and far-off fantasy worlds, plus a slate of rom-coms, dramedies, rom-drams and good ole comedies -- with a few scary movies thrown in for good measure. Here is a guide to what movies are must-sees this summer (sorted by how you'll be watching them).


Shirley (Hulu)
Elisabeth Moss never passes up the chance to chew scenery as a woman who may or may not be going mad, and her turn as The Haunting of Hill House author Shirley Jackson might be her magnum opus. Michael Stuhlbarg co-stars as Shirley's philandering husband, with Odessa Young and Logan Lerman as young newlyweds who become the objects of their fixation. (Shirley will also be available on demand.)

Artemis Fowl (Disney+)
Fans of Eoin Colfer's beloved book series finally get to see the world of fairies, goblins and preteen criminal masterminds brought to life. The Kenneth Branagh-directed film stars newcomer Ferdia Shaw as the titular Artemis, who gets mixed up with a con artist dwarf (Josh Gad) and the fairy police force (led by Judi Dench) as he goes searching for his mission father (Colin Farrell).