Anderson Cooper Teams Up With Andy Cohen on 'Millionaire': See Why the CNN Host Said He's 'In Deep Trouble'

(Eric Mccandless Via Getty Images)

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen put their friendship to the test when they teamed up for a new episode of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? When the CNN newsman got a chance to take the hot seat on Thursday's new episode, he brought the Bravo host as his backup, and it didn't take long for Cooper to seemingly regret it.

As part of the new Millionaire format, featuring all celebrities, contestants can bring along a friend to help them with as many questions as they need for the first 10 questions of the game. 

As he joined host Jimmy Kimmel, the quizmaster explained, "We asked you to bring the smartest person you know to help you out."

"Yeah, they didn't tell me that. They told me 'expert,'" Cooper quipped. "They didn't tell me to choose the smartest person I know."

Cohen, who was seated at his own podium near the edge of the stage behind Cohen, appeared to take the joke in stride and declared, "I am the smartest person you know, and you know it!"

"He knows a lot that I don't know," Cooper admitted. "He knows pop culture backwards and forwards… and he knows also a little about sports and I know nothing about sports."

However, after just the first $100 question, Cooper seemed unsure of his decision. The question was, "According to a popular myth, wolves howl when they see what?" 

Cooper didn't need any help with the simple question, and quickly gave "moon" as his final answer.

"Andy, you knew that right?" Kimmel asked. "The moon falls into your pop culture knowledge?"

"Yes. I don't know a lot about planets, but I knew the answer to that," Cohen replied.

"The moon's not a planet," Kimmel responded as Cooper put his hand to his face.

"Oh my God! I am in deep trouble," the journalist said, laughing. "I am in serious trouble." 

After a few more questions that went smoothly -- with Cohen lending some real help on a few occasions --  tensions seemed to come to a head on a particularly challenging $4,000 question.

"What is the only U.S. state that borders the Atlantic Ocean and spans two time zones?" Kimmel asked, before reading off the possible answers: Florida, Virginia, Maine and New York.

"Okay, I believe it is Florida," Cooper said, not yet ready to lock it in as his final answer.

"You think Florida has two time Zones?" Cohen asked, sounding dubious. "But Georgia, which borders Florida, is the Eastern Time Zone."

"Georgia's not on here," Cooper shot back.

"I understand, I'm just saying, I don't think it's Florida," Cohen replied.

After Cooper tried to continue to work it out in his head, while admitting that he's "terrible at geography," Cohen didn't help much, chiming in that it would "be so bad if we bailed" this early in the game.

"I can't believe my expert is talking about bailing!" Cooper said, later adding, "I can't believe I didn't pick somebody who knows about geography!"

After the back-and-forth continued and Cohen continued to question Cooper's choices, the newsman gave up and said, "This is a pathetic conversation."

Without any more hesitation, Cooper locked in Florida as his final answer, and it proved to be right!

It also proved to be the end of the episode, meaning Cooper will be taking the hot seat -- with Cohen as his backup -- next week as he keeps trying for the $1 million top prize.

"Which is probably good because we need to reset," Kimmel said of the buzzer going off to signal the end of the episode. "This relationship is broken now."

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? returns next Thursday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.


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