Lady Gaga Fans Are Convinced Her 'Fun Tonight' Lyrics Are About Ex Christian Carino


Lady Gaga has been open about how much of her new album, Chromatica, is influenced by her own past romances, but one track in particular seems to be striking a chord with many fans. Hours after the new album dropped, Gaga's Little Monsters have been taking to Twitter to speculate about how her song "Fun Tonight" is really about her ex-fiance, Christian Carino.

"You love the paparazzi, love the fame / Even though it causes me pain," she sings on the track.  "I feel like I'm in a prison hell / Stick my hands through the steel bars and yell."

Gaga told Apple Music's Zane Lowe, in an interview before the album dropped, that "Fun Tonight" was written as a candid look at her own struggles with depression and mental illness.

That being said, many fans couldn't help but interpret the lyrics as overt digs against Carino -- with whom Gaga got engaged in October 2018, before the pair called off their engagement in Feb. 2019.

"Fun tonight. I LOVE THE INTRO. also can we talk about the lyrics?" one Twitter user wrote while reviewing the new album. "I feel sooo sad with this one. THE VOCALS ALSO OMG SO PWERFUL. is this for Carino?"

"Fun tonight drags carino so hard OMFG SHE SNAPPED," another user wrote, echoing the sentiments of many fans who seemed to rejoice in Gaga's supposed lyrical attack against her ex.

Whether or not "Fun Tonight" is truly about Carino or meant to drag anyone, the album as a whole is getting a lot of love. 

Fans are hailing Chromatica as one of the best pop albums in years, and one of Gaga's biggest accomplishments.

Check out the video below for more on Gaga's new album.


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