Confession: I eat dessert every night

By Tracey, Pure Matters

It's true: I indulge in dessert every single night. I'm not sure when this practice started but it's been going strong for at least three years. Since I'm pregnant now, I use that as an excuse. But the truth is, I indulge even when I'm not carrying a baby in my belly.

To make it even worse, sometimes I start thinking about that evening's treat by noon! I debate whether I'd prefer double stuff Oreos or some Tollhouse cookies or a bowl of ice cream with melted peanut butter. Sometimes I'll make brownies.

So, how awful is this habit? I guess it depends who you ask. There are many diet plans where this type of regular indulgence wouldn't fly. Luckily, I'm not following any of those plans and instead found a way to make this behavior work for me.

The truth is, while I might be partaking each day, it's always in moderation. I always take into consideration what I've already eaten that day and spoon out my serving size accordingly.

After my first child was born, I joined an online weight loss program and was successful in dropping the leftover baby weight. This program worked for me because you can literally eat whatever you want -- it just has to be in moderation and small serving sizes. I ate dessert every night and still lost the weight. It required some daily planning to leave room for my treat each night, but at the time, it was totally worth it.

I've taken that mentality with me. It's strongly discouraged to be on any type of diet during pregnancy but I'm still very aware of portion size and not going overboard too much in one day. So yes, I'm totally addicted to double stuff Oreos, but if I've already eaten a lot of carbs or sweets that day, I'll only have one after dinner.

After I give birth this time, I plan on re-joining the weight loss program. I wonder if I'll continue to enjoy dessert treats each night or if, over time, I'll phase it out. Maybe I'll just phase out the Oreos…

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