Confession: I've taken a year off from sports

By Roger, Pure Matters

I've taken the year off from sports–and it feels great to do so! The starting point was last year around February when I gave up playing fantasy football. You may be wondering why I would do such a thing since a lot of my interaction with clients is sports related. Well, I felt it was time to take a break and I hoped nobody would even care or notice I was gone.

I wasn't enjoying watching football when I was mostly just concerned about one of my players getting points to help me "win" or just do play respectably in my league full of smart people. Ugg!

I've taken the year off of sports and it feels good. I can't even tell you who won the NBA Championship this year. Shortly thereafter, I heard a phrase that usually brings joy to my ears and didn't even make me blink: "pitchers ‘n' catchers!"

I did my best to rally the troops and take my youngest son to a baseball game. It was a perfect day and my son's last day of school. We went, we saw, and it didn't revive my passion for sports.

Why am I doing this, I ask myself. Because I can and because I understand that it's a game and only a game. I also realized that my emotions shouldn't be tied to whether or not the wide receiver made the winning catch or if my favorite player's injury will have a major impact on his performance. (See what I'm talking about? It's crazy and I'm overthinking it! I think I'm having a mid-life sports crisis: can anybody help? Can I get help; is there a place where burned-out ex sports fan go to seek help?)

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