Why you need a daily dose of calcium

By Erika, Pure Matters

One of the most important nutrients we need on a daily basis is calcium. Our bodies need calcium to maintain healthy bones and teeth as well as to help muscles and nerves to carry messages between the brain and other body parts. Lots of us aren't getting enough calcium regularly, which can lead to issues such as osteoporosis or risk of bone fractures in the long term, especially as we get older.

Keep your bones and teeth healthy by exercising regularly, eating foods that contain calcium, and taking supplements. Calcium comes in a variety of food, including the following:

  • Dairy: Milk, yogurt, cheese
  • Vegetables: Kale, broccoli, Chinese cabbage
  • Fish: Sardines, salmon
  • Grains: Breads, pasta, unfortified cereals

Healthcare providers often recommend that adults, especially women, take calcium supplements regularly to maintain healthy bones. The amount that you need varies with age. Check out the National Institutes of Health's Office of Dietary Supplements for average recommended daily doses by age group.

Calcium supplements may interfere with some medications, so make sure to check with your healthcare provider before starting a regular supplement plan.

Source: http://blog.purematters.com/diet-nutrition/why-you-need-your-daily-dose-of-calcium