Utah police ticket abandoned Barbie Jeep

Officer with a sense of humor 'cites' girls for leaving toy in the road


Serious relationship news to report in a Utah neighborhood, where police cited Barbie for abandoning her vehicle.

As you might imagine, Ken is ready to kick Barbie to the Dreamhouse curb.

It all started when Barbie abandoned the family Jeep last week.

An officer out patrolling the Cedar Hills suburb of Salt Lake City noticed the pink Jeep parked in the road -- blocking a driveway. Barbie, Ken and the gang were asleep, so the officer left a bright orange tag on the hood that read, "Abandoned Vehicle," according to Salt Lake City TV station KUTV.

The officer was concerned the Jeep could be swiped or involved in an accident so he moved it into the driveway.

The tag was discovered the next morning by the father of two sisters, ages 7 and 9, who had been playing with the Jeep. The unidentified girls reportedly left their Jeep in the street after the battery died.

"It had nothing to do with the girls," American Fork police Lt. Sam Liddiard told ABC News of the police warning. "It was his [the officer's] attempt at humor to let the residents in the area know that he'd been patrolling the neighborhood.

"He just thought it'd be a cute idea to put a tag on the car."