Weiner's sexts take center stage on Broadway

'The Weiner Monologues' looks at what's public and what's private in modern era


Even well after his epic primary loss, Anthony Weiner still can't escape the headlines, and now the trials and tribulations of being Weiner are headed to the stage.

The ex-congressman is making his off-off Broadway debut, or at least the saga of his downfall is.

"The Weiner Monologues" -- the brainchild of two Hunter College alums -- comes together with transcripts from press conferences, interviews and of course, the now-infamous, sexually-explicit messages that made Weiner a hard name to forget.

"I think what we tried to do was to present what happened in the course of events as faithfully and weirdly we could, just to make this larger point of what's public and private," director and co-creator Jonathan Harper Schlieman told WPIX.

Schlieman along with co-creator John Oros say they had a bigger story to tell outside of the Weiner scandal.

"It kind of plays with the question of how we have Facebook and Twitter, and now with the NSA scandal -- [among the things] online, what's actually private?" Oros said. "Probably nothing."

It's a reality that Weiner himself is still learning. One thing many credit to the embattled politician was his handle -- or lack thereof -- of his smartphone, an element that will be incorporated in the Weiner Monologues.

"Instead of telling the audience to turn off their phone, we're going to tell [them] to keep the phone on," Schlieman revealed. "We'll be transmitting the pics that Weiner sent out… completely uncensored."

The big question on everyone's mind -- will Weiner himself rise to the occasion for opening night of the play?

"It would be great if Weiner would reach out and touch us," Schlieman joked. "He was asked earlier if he heard about us … and he said he never heard of us. So that's going to be one of our major reviews for us before we go up."

"Right on the poster."

The Weiner Monologues hits the stage next month at the Access Theater in lower Manhattan and it's safe to say, this play is for adults and adults only.