SOUND OFF: Does SA need to warn about jumping into river?

'Jackass' star defends jump into San Antonio River

"Jackass" star Steve-O says the City of San Antonio should have signs warning visitors of the dangers of jumping into the San Antonio River.

After a video showing him doing a flip into the river from the Commerce Street bridge downtown went viral, Steve-O is defending his actions, saying he actually did a public service by demonstrating how dangerous it is.

"I did a good deed today by proving it's not safe to jump off the bridge at the San Antonio River Walk," he wrote on Facebook. "It's shallow --- I hit the bottom when I landed this gainer flip. #notagoodidea"

Later, he issued a statement saying that the city should warn visitors about the danger, and that the city is "quite irresponsible in neglecting to post 'no diving' signs on the various bridges along the river."

Do you think the City of San Antonio needs to place signs downtown warning visitors not to jump or dive into the San Antonio River?

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