KSAT crime analyst talks Fiesta safety

Fiesta is the biggest party of the year, but it comes with safety concerns.

Fiesta is one of the biggest parties of the year, with large crowds and lots of drinking, and with that comes heightened security concerns.

"This is going to be a little bit longer Fiesta than usual but you do have a huge influx of people coming downtown from all over the city and they are all inter-mixing and all going to different events. Some people are probably going to be drinking more than they should," said KSAT 12's crime expert, Eddie Gonzales.

Gonzales said everyone should take steps to stay safe. Especially if you plan on drinking.

"Try to have a designated driver. Always be aware of what you're drinking so you don't end up in a bad situation or in an accident," said Gonzales.

Children are also at risk in big crowds. Gonzales suggests that parents have a designated meeting place in case anyone gets separated.

"If you have small children with you, you always want to keep an eye on them with these crowds out here. They can wander off; they can disappear really fast," Gonzales said.

Crowd and traffic control will be some of the biggest issues during Fiesta, but Gonzales said he expects emergency responders to be well prepared.

"The police department is aware, the fire department's aware and they have contingency plans in place," said Gonzales.