5 actors who haven't aged well

Years haven't been kind to these celebs

Think about the Leonardo DiCaprios and Scarlett Johanssons in Hollywood today. They're on top of the world. Their movies are all hugely popular. They are great looking and they command millions of dollars for their movies.

Today's A-listers seem to have it all. What could ever go wrong?


They should enjoy the top now, because time marches on and looks are fleeting. More often than not, once a dreamy, popular actor or actress hits a bad patch of movies, their looks start to follow, and then it becomes a downward spiral.

Remember those celebrities of the '80s we all drooled over? Turns out reality hit a lot of them hard, and now we normal people can enjoy the schadenfreude of their crashing returns to Earth.

No. 5: Mickey Rourke

In 1986, Rourke starred in "9 1/2 Weeks." There was some sort of plot, I guess, but it was mostly to show off Rourke and Kim Basinger having freaky sex, and there's nothing wrong with that.

But that wasn't the only movie that benefitted from his sex appeal. He appeared in such movies as "Diner" and "The Pope of Greenwich Village." But, fame -- and apparently looks -- are fleeting.

His movies are not the draw that they once were. It wouldn't be until 2008's "The Wrestler" that he would regain his fame. Unfortunately, by then, he somehow convinced himself that plastic surgery was the way to go. Back on top as an actor? Sure. Looks? Not so much.

Now he looks more like the Cowardly Lion than the smooth impresario that we came to envy.

No. 4: Madonna

Back in the day, Madonna was a hottie. She was so hot, in fact, that we were even able to forgive her hairy pits in those Playboy pictures.

She was known not only for her singing but also for her dancing and stage performances. As such, she had to stay in shape, and that meant hitting the gym hard.

She's still fit. If she ever put out a fitness program and bombarded us night and day with its infomercial, she could buy another English castle. If she's so fit, what could be the problem?

She's spent so much time committed to being lean and trim that she's gotten down right sinewy. In fact, if she was ever adrift in a lifeboat, or crashed in the Andes, she'd be the last person the survivors ate -- she just looks too chewy.

No. 3: Kathleen Turner

1981's "Body Heat" introduced us to a super hot young actress named Kathleen Turner. Throughout the '80s, she got sexier and sexier (and her legs seemed to get longer and longer).

She famously lit up the screen in movies like "Romancing the Stone" and "Peggy Sue Got Married." And it didn't hurt that she had that deep, sultry voice either. And while Jessica Rabbit was sexily drawn, it was Kathleen's voice that really turned her into a cartoon bombshell.

But the years have not been good to her. Like so many other popular actors, her career started to slide, and her sexy looks just followed.

That deep, throaty voice isn't so sexy anymore. Now it just sounds like she has a cigarette in one hand and a slot machine handle in the other.

No. 2: Val Kilmer

Throughout the '80s and '90s, Val Kilmer was absolutely dreamy. He made his name to fame in 1986's "Top Gun", but there were plenty of movies before it that showed not only that his good looks, but also his acting skill.

Not the least of his accomplishments was to play Bruce Wayne/Batman in 1995's "Batman Forever." But, like so many others on this list, his fame peaked and started to nosedive. True, his slide was a lot slower than others', but he still tanked.

A few years ago, time caught up with him, and really started packing on the pounds.

Lately, the former Adonis appears to have spiked more donut holes than volleyballs on a Pensacola beach. These days, Iceman looks less like the Lizard King and more like a post-sex change Chas Bono.

No. 1: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger was a seven-time Mr. Olympia. For crying out loud, he even appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records as "The Most Perfectly Developed Man in the History of the World.

"He transitioned that into an extremely successful acting career and even managed to marry a Kennedy. In the meantime, his business acumen turned him into a multi-millionaire, even before he became a highly bankable actor.

Everything was coming up Arnold! But, then he became the Governator and started to turn into a girly man.

Take a look at him now, and he's all soft and kind of puffy. And, like many mortal males, he has a belly.

Of course, we say this with all due respect, because we're sure he could still beat us up -- or at least know the guys to get the job done.