Jimmy Fallon's latest injury: A chipped tooth

In June, the comic severely cut a finer


Jimmy Fallon is having a tough summer.

First, the "Tonight Show" host nearly lost a finger in a kitchen accident in June, and then on Friday the comedian posted a photo of himself on Instagram in a dentist's chair with a chipped tooth.

Ironically the injury to his hand led to Fallon chipping his tooth.

Fallon made sure to tell fans that this tooth -- unlike his finger injury -- would not cause him to miss any shows and that there would be a new episode Friday night.

Fallon conveyed the same attitude in a message to CNNMoney saying with a smiley, "All fixed. Just the icing on the cake."

While the chipped tooth may not be a big deal, the same couldn't be said for Fallon's injured hand.

Recalling the event on the "Tonight Show" last month, Fallon said that he tripped and fell in his kitchen and that his ring "got caught on the countertop when I was going down, and stuck there and pulled my finger off."

The hand injury required roughly a six-hour micro-surgery in order to save his finger and put Fallon in the ICU for 10 days.

While he may not be having the best summer physically, Fallon is having a pretty good one professionally.

NBC announced earlier this month that the popular late night host would hold on to his position through 2021.