Netflix releases teaser trailer for 'Fuller House'

Spinoff series hits Netflix Feb. 26

Image via YouTube.
Image via YouTube.

"Full House" fans, take notice. Netflix released a new teaser trailer on Thursday for its upcoming spinoff series "Fuller House."

The teaser video mimics the iconic opening scenes of the original show's title track as we see San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.

A trolley ride takes us to the front door of the Tanners' home as Miranda Lambert's "The House That Built Me" plays.

The inside of the house looks mainly the same, minus some updated appliances and countertops in the kitchen.

A puppy looking much like the old family dog Comet waits inside as we hear the voices of DJ, Becky, Uncle Jessie and others jingle keys as they come in the front door.

We also hear a few new names. The group of Tanners can be heard outside talking to "little Tommy," Jackson and Max.

The teaser also hints at a possible plot line as DJ says, "I knew I should have got movers."

As the knob turns and the door opens, we hear Danny say "Welcome Home."

Why is DJ moving back home? Who are Tommy, Jackson and Max? What is the dog's name?

We'll only have to wait a little longer. "Fuller House" hits Netflix Feb. 26.

Watch the new teaser trailer below or click here to watch on YouTube.