‘Star Wars' release huge success in Alamo City

Long lines pack movie theaters

SAN ANTONIO – A huge night for “Star Wars” fans Thursday as the first showings of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" was released in San Antonio and nationwide.

One of the biggest theaters in San Antonio, Santikos Palladium, was packed as employees worked to show 25 screenings of the new movie before midnight. "We've been planning this forever," said Monica Espinosa. "As soon as tickets went on sale, we bought them."

Many fans showed up in costume, but many just came prepared to take in the sights.

Also prepared, said Art Seago, president of Santikos Theaters, were the staff at the Palladium and all of the Santikos theaters.

"By the end of tonight, by midnight, we'll have 25 show times that are done with (at the Palladium)," said Seago. "Almost 1,100 show times for the weekend at all of our locations. All the registers are open and we have our food purveyor on standby to bring us more stock by chance we were to run out over the weekend."

Espinosa said she is glad that the theaters have so many showings this weekend to give everyone a chance to see the new movie.

"Us adults that grew up with ‘Star Wars’ and introducing it to our kids and watching the next generation get excited about it, I think that's great," said Espinosa.

"It's awesome," said a movie-goer, who simply wanted to be known as "Darth Santa Claus." "I'm glad to see everyone turning out. Great energy, I can feel the force in these halls."

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