'The Bachelor' Blog: A villain emerges in Mexico

11 ladies remain in search of a romantic connection


SAN ANTONIO – Viva Mexico!

That’s where the remaining 11 ladies were hoping to find love during week five of “The Bachelor.”

I was so glad Amanda got the first one-on-one date of the week.

Let’s be honest. The other ladies were a lot less excited, mainly Olivia. During her side interview she made a rude comment about the fact Amanda had children. Seriously, Olivia, can we say low blow. She keeps losing cool points in my mind.

Ben threw the ladies for a loop when he walked into their hotel room for a 4:30 a.m. wake up call. Some of them wanted to crawl into a hole rather than let him see them without their makeup and hair done. But this was the start of Amanda’s date and she took it like a champ.

Their high flying adventure started with a romantic hot air balloon ride over an ancient Mexican city. Then it was time for things to get real. Amanda was anxious about opening up about her past marriage, but Ben was quick to reassure her that everything will be okay. I was so glad she got a rose at the end of the date. She seems like she’s truly in it for love and will go far.

Ben had his hands full with nine ladies on the group date. They kicked things off with a Spanish class. Jubilee was filled with different emotions. Mainly she hated competing with the other ladies.

There was a moment when he tried to be romantic, but she wasn’t having it. She gave him a hard time. Can you say awkward! Oh, Jubilee, what were you thinking?

Next up, a cooking challenge. They all had to pair up and make a recipe. Oh, did I mention the recipes were written in Spanish!

There was an odd number of ladies and that meant one of them would get to cook with Ben. No surprise, Olivia grabbed him first. Jubilee also wanted in on the action, and wasn’t far behind. But he could only have one partner, and Olivia steam rolled her way to that spot.  This rubbed the other ladies the wrong way, but guess what, she could have cared less. Then it was time to put their cooking skills to the test.

Olivia was super confident about her dish with Ben, but it fell flat and did not go over well with the judges. In the end, it was Jubilee and Lauren B. who wowed the chefs.

Later in the evening Ben had some one-on-one time with the ladies. Once again, Olivia swooped in and snatched him up first.

Meanwhile, Jubilee was on edge. She was really uncomfortable and felt overshadowed. This was painful to watch. Ben felt like she was pulling away, and this left him even more confused. Then he revealed it was time to say good-bye. Their farewell was emotional and hard to watch.

At the end of the night, Olivia got the rose. Say what!? Every jaw dropped. What was Ben thinking? When will he see Olivia’s true colors?

Lauren H. was all smiles for her one-on-one date. Their date was all about fashion. She couldn’t contain herself when she found out she would be walking during a runway show. She was able to conquer her fears and rocked it. Their date took a more serious turn as the night went on. He saw a new and different side to her personality and she got the rose at the end of the night.

Things got real during the cocktail party. During a conversation with Amanda, Olivia said she felt like it was an episode of “Teen Mom.” Say what?! Is she serious? The ladies did not hold back about their feeling about Olivia.

Emily was the first to bring her feelings up to Ben. The other ladies were not far behind. It was clear this made Ben uneasy. Yikes!

Going into the rose ceremony, it felt like something big was about to happen. Before Ben passed out the roses, he pulled Olivia aside.

And that’s when we were left with a “to be continued.” Now we have to wait until next week to find out what Ben is going to do.

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