'The Bachelor' Blog: Remaining ladies take over Ben's hometown

Dramatic departures fill week 7


SAN ANTONIO – The pressure is growing on “The Bachelor.” Ben is down to six women and it’s the week before hometown dates! 

But before he meets their families, the ladies are swept off to Ben’s hometown of Warsaw, Indiana.

Lauren B. got the first date. He took her to Baker Youth Club to interact with some kids. This was adorable. I can’t get enough of them together. She seems to fit so well into his life.

Then during the second part of their date the music stopped and things got real. Lauren B. was still uneasy after their last group date when one of the other women told Ben she was not being genuine. But Ben was quick to ease her concerns.

Yikes! The other ladies better step it up! I think Lauren B. is the one to beat!

Next up, a one-on-one date with JoJo. (Honestly, I would not want to be the one to follow his date with Lauren B.!)

Little did she know Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, would be the backdrop for their day together.

She was able to let her walls down and opened up about her feelings. But is it too little too late? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

No surprise, the group date was awkward. Becca, Caila and Amanda knew there was a lot on the line. After spending some time with all three ladies, Amanda got the rose. This means she is guaranteed a hometown date.

After receiving the rose, he swept her off for some alone time, leaving Becca and Caila in the dust. They were hurt, scared and confused about the situation. But I have to admit Becca took it the hardest. This isn’t her first rodeo and it’s clearly not getting any easier.

Meanwhile, Amanda’s impromptu one-on-one date started with a trip to McDonald’s. That’s right. Nothing spells romance like French fries, but their night didn’t end there. A big part of his community came out to support him during a carnival.

Emily’s one-on-one date was surprising, or maybe not so surprising.

Ben had lots of questions, so he took her home to meet his parents. That’s right, of all the ladies he picked her to meet the parents. He had concerns and needed to know if they were validated. Emily did not impress them.

Her age and immaturity came out during her conversations with his mom and dad. His mom took it especially hard and even cried when she talked about his future.

Emily was quickly knocked off cloud nine when Ben pulled her aside and told her he didn’t see her as his wife. Let’s be real. No one thought she would have made it this far, but it was still sad. Okay, kind of sad.

There was a chill in the air at the rose ceremony. Ben pulled Chris Harrison aside and told him he didn’t know who was going home. 

Spoiler Alert!

After struggling to make a decision, it was Becca who was sent home. 

The end is drawing near! Next week is hometown dates, and the remaining ladies have the chance to introduce Ben to their families.

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