Fans gather at Market Square to memorialize Tejano superstar Emilio Navaira

Emilio Navaira died Monday night

SAN ANTONIO – A big hit for the Tejano community after Emilio Navaira, 53, was found unresponsive at his home Monday night in New Braunfels.

Fans gathered Tuesday night at Market Square in downtown San Antonio to honor the Tejano music legend.

Some signed a giant card for the family, while a local artist painted Emilio's picture on a window.

Local radio station KXTN played back-to-back Emilio all day Tuesday and got a huge response from the community.

"He was a big artist," said Baby J of KXTN. "Big for the Tejano industry and when he crossed over to the country side, he made a big impact nationally as well. It's great to have the people of San Antonio out here to remember him."

Augie Vaca said he's not only a huge fan, he's also an Emilio impersonator and hearing about the singer's sudden death left him devastated.

"I love him and I will always love him," said Vaca. "He's like my brother and I'll miss him so much."

Navaira touched many hearts and lives through his music, but he also had a huge connection with San Antonio fans, graduating from McCollum High School and Texas State University.

"He was a good person from middle school all the way ‘til he became a legend," said Gloria Mermella, a former classmate. "But, it just hurt my heart to hear the bad news about him."

Lupita Valerio showed a KSAT crew the picture when Emilio sang to her and her friends.

"He came from San Antonio," said Valerio. "We love him. We love his music since he started with Los Musicales."

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