The Bachelorette Blog: Tough goodbyes in Argentina

Frontrunners dominate JoJo's time

SAN ANTONIO – Nothing says love like Buenos Aires, Argentina, at least that’s what JoJo was hoping this week on “The Bachelorette.”

Wells got the only one-on-one date and let’s be honest, he needs to step up his game. He’s the only guy left who hasn’t kissed JoJo. No pressure, Wells, but you need to grab some chap stick and get ready to pucker up!

Their date seemed to drag on and on and I became more anxious for him by every second. Finally, he gets his chance, his perfect moment, and it was adorable. Unfortunately, JoJo wasn’t feeling the slow, steady burn and sent him home. This was hard to watch. Wells is adorable, but he had to see it coming. It was just too little, too late.

Let’s move on to the group date. Three guys dominated JoJo’s attention, James Taylor, Jordan and Luke.

First up, James Taylor. Being surrounded by a group of hunks, he started cracking under the pressure. But after a little friendly soccer competition, I was glad he won a kiss. The fun and games quickly came to an end when he brought up concerns about Jordan. Basically, he said there’s another side to him she may not be seeing. When she confronted Jordan about it he got defensive, and didn’t like being told he was acting entitled. Even though this confrontation seemed super petty, I can’t help but think there is some truth to James Taylor’s concerns.

Before we go any further, let’s talk about these two guys for a second. Jordan is definitely the frontrunner. I’m calling it right now he will be one of the last two guys standing. His connection with JoJo is undeniable, but I can’t help but feel uneasy when I think about him. I guess only time will tell. As for James Taylor, I’m still on the fence. I think JoJo is drawn to his good nature, but I don’t know if he is fiery enough.

The rest of the group date can be summed up in one word, Luke. Whew, JoJo can’t get enough of this Texas hottie. They can’t keep their hands off each other. No surprise, he got the rose at the end of the night.
Nerves were high on the two-on-one date as Chase and Derek tried to Tango their way to the next level.

Derek’s cockiness is not very appealing, but Chase is moving slow. Man, I don’t know how she chose between those hotties? Ultimately she felt a stronger connection with Chase. Man, that was so close, but she definitely made the right choice.

JoJ had a tough time during the rose ceremony. With one rose left, it came down to Alex and James Taylor. When she gave them both roses I couldn’t help but think, ouch! I would not be feeling too confident if I were them. It definitely felt like pity roses. I don’t think either of them will be making it to the finale, so why delay the inevitable?

Since things are winding down, I wanted to make my predictions for the rest of the season.

Next Week:

  • Jordan gets a rose
  • Luke gets a rose
  • Chase gets a rose
  • James Taylor gets a rose
  • *Robbie goes home
  • *Alex goes home

Hometown Dates:

  • Jordan gets a rose
  • Luke gets a rose
  • Chase gets a rose
  • *James Taylor goes home

Fantasy Suite Dates:

  • Jordan gets a rose
  • Luke gets a rose
  • *Chase goes home

Final Rose:

I can’t call this one yet, but I think it will come down to Jordan and Luke.

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