'The Bachelorette' Blog: Jaw-dropping farewell leaves fans speechless

Remaining men heat things up in fantasy suite


SAN ANTONIO – Let me start by giving "The Bachelorette" producers some serious credit for great editing. They sneakily took out key parts of last week's episode to make one bombshell of an opening for Monday night's episode.

Rewind to last week: Luke pulled JoJo aside before the rose ceremony. But what we didn't see was that she was about to send Luke home.

Fast-forward to Monday night: Luke's last-second attempt to pour out his heart didn't sway JoJo's decision, and it was the end of the line. That's right, folks, in a shocker of all shockers, the Texas hottie got the boot. I had no words, and neither did Luke. It was clear he'd been knocked off his saddle when he said, "I'm in love with her, but I never got the chance to love her." OMG! I melted as those words fell out of his mouth. How could she send the best guy home? I can't help but think that this will haunt her. I was convinced. I mean, I would have put money on the fact that Luke would be part of the finale. Shows how much I know.

Ugh! In case you can't tell, I'm having a really hard time moving on to the next part of this blog, but I guess we have to do it. Next up, Thailand and the Fantasy Suite dates.

I was surprised to see JoJo back to her bouncy, energetic self after that heart wrenching goodbye. It's full speed ahead.

Robbie was up first. It's clear he is all in. Ready to keep the drama behind him, he eagerly accepted the key to the Fantasy Suite. Despite his reassurance, red flags about his past relationships keep popping up. But that didn't stop JoJo from spilling her love for him during her side interviews.

JoJo was all smiles during her date with Jordan. They weren't able to keep their hands off one another. There's no doubt they have chemistry, but fear of commitment keeps this relationship from being picture perfect. Yet again, he was quick to calm all her fears, and they couldn't get to the Fantasy Suite soon enough. Oh, man. I can't help but think that he's trouble. Again, I'm left asking myself, "Does he have staying power?"

Chase had the last date. I loved seeing his playful side. It's clear he intrigues JoJo, but the fun didn't last long. Truth is, he doesn't ignite a spark like Jordan and Robbie. And get this folks -- she sent him home in the Fantasy Suite. I could hear the awkward crickets chirping in the background. I don't blame Chase at all for not taking it well. No surprise he was upset, hurt and stormed out.
During the rose ceremony, Chase crashed the party and said he didn't want to leave on a sour note. I have a lot more respect for him for trying to be the bigger person.

And then there were two. Who will get the final rose, Jordan or Robbie? We'll find out Monday night on the season finale. But if you ask me, I would put money on Jordan. There's just something about him that she can't get enough of.

"The Bachelorette" fun isn't over yet this week. Tuesday night is my favorite episode of the season, "The Men Tell All." I can't wait to hear them dish about all the juiciest moments this season. You know tempers will flare when all the guys get in a room with their nemesis Chase. I also want to hear from Luke. What was he thinking after that shocking elimination?

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