Girl accidentally eats chocolate-themed makeup

Photo courtesy Lauren Rincon

EL MONTE, Calif. – Most parents who have daughters have experienced a moment when they find their girl covered in makeup. They see that Mommy wears lipstick, and they want to look pretty too.

This was the case for Lauren Rincon. She caught her 1-year-old niece, Kaitlyn, with makeup all over her face after she ate some of Rincon's "Too Faced Chocolate Bar" eye shadow palette.

"My niece ate my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette because it smells like chocolate. I don't know if I should cry or laugh," Rincon tweeted.

Kaitlyn's innocent face, hands and T-shirt were smeared with browns and pastels.

Rincon said she contacted Too Faced because she was concerned that her niece might get sick from eating the makeup.

"Too Faced let me know that there isn't any harmful ingredients, but we'll definitely take her to the doctors if she shows any signs of sickness," Rincon said.

She also contacted poison control and someone told her Kaitlyn would be fine, with the worst-case scenario being diarrhea.

Too Faced sent Rincon a new eye shadow palette.