'The Bachelor' Blog: A villain emerges in episode 2

History comes back to haunt Nick's chances at love


SAN ANTONIO – Viewers of "The Bachelor" made it through the awkward first impressions and now there are 22 remaining women still hopeful for love.

So much happened during episode two Monday night that this “Bachelor” junkie is still trying to process all the drama.

First up, the group date and awkward wedding photos. That's right because nothing screams love like talking about your wedding on the first date. Most of the ladies tried to have fun with it, but one took it to a whole different level.

Enter Corinne and some serious crazy. Her attempts to be sexy were not cute. Nick’s face said it all when her bikini top came off during their beach themed wedding.

Can she please dial back the trashy?! She's ridiculous and her phoniness is really getting on my nerves. Despite her ridiculous attempts for attention, I was glad to see a couple of the other ladies have meaningful conversations with Nick. Alas, Corinne got the group date rose and I wanted to slap Nick. You heard me.

Just when I wanted to give him a chance. It sure doesn’t seem like he’s looking for wife material. Come on, Nick, get it together!

Danielle M. got the first one-on one date and I was so glad. I had to get the bad taste of Corinne out of my mouth. Their date was relaxed and refreshing. She totally deserved the rose at the end of the night. The other ladies better watch out. I’m talking to you Corinne.

The second group date was all about broken hearts. It was dominated by Nick's past hook up with Liz.

This date was super irritating and hard to watch, mainly because Nick and Liz didn’t know how to be adults and interact with each other. Can they please get it together? Everything exploded when the ladies had to fake break up with Nick. Liz used her time to air out all their dirty laundry. She picked the worst time to call him out and he was not having it. I was glad to see her go when he sent her home later that night. It was time for her crazy to get out there. She dug her own grave on that one. I’m also inclined to agree with Nick that it seems like she was just on the show for the sake of being on the show. If she really cared about Nick she could have got his number. Looks like Jade and Tanner’s wedding is as close to “The Bachelor” family as Liz is going to get.

Nick now however has to get honest. After telling the ladies about his past, with Liz we were left with a "to be continued." You know this isn't going to end well.

I’m really trying to give Nick a chance, but I have to admit I like him way less after this episode. I have some serious doubts about if he’s really into it for love. Also, if I have to listen to Corinne’s voice all season I may have to pull my hair out.

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