'The Bachelor' Blog: Drama filled two-on-one date dominates New Orleans adventure

Ladies take on French Quarter and Bayou for love


SAN ANTONIO – For this week's episode let’s start with the conclusion of the showdown that is Corinne versus Taylor.

It was epic! Their cattiness is out of control. My opinion... they were both dumb. Taylor definitely comes across as an overanalyzing mean girl, but Corinne’s responses were totally nonsense. I’m not validating Corinne’s craziness at all but some of Taylor’s facial expressions did come across as condescending.

Of course Corinne would confront Nick about Taylor. She basically said Taylor isn’t nice, ignores the ladies and is just plain rude. Nick’s face said it all. He is so over the drama. And so am I! I can’t take either of their ridiculousness.

If you thought the drama would not make a difference in the rose ceremony, you were right. Corinne and Taylor both live to see another week. Come on, Nick, please put an end to this madness!

New Orleans was the backdrop for the dates. Rachel got the only one-on-one date. It’s about time! After getting the first impression rose, it was time for her to come out of the background and see if they have a true connection.

I thought their date was unlike the others. Their playfulness is adorable and I think their chemistry is way spicier than what he has with Corinne. The best part, Rachel doesn’t have to use her sex appeal to get his attention.

Nick is just naturally attracted to her. Imagine that! He may actually like her for actual substance. You know I’m rooting for this Texas girl. Nick better not screw this one up!

Super cheesy, clearly staged, “haunted” moments filled the group date. I hate to say it but their time in the home haunted by the ghost of a little girl, was just silly. It seemed like such a waste of time. I wasn’t feeling the romance on this group date. No one’s time with Nick stood out, but all the ladies seemed to pull the same overly affectionate move with him, a.k.a. draping their legs over his.

Last up, the dreaded two-on-one date we were all waiting for between Taylor and Corinne. Finally we are close to putting an end to this madness. They went to the swamp for a voodoo filled adventure -- because nothing says love like alligators, snakes, bugs and hiking through thick brush. A tarot card reading revealed what we already knew about Corinne and Taylor. They are both crazy.

Corinne showed her crazy when she asked the psychic for a voodoo doll. We know who that’s for. Alas, Corinne got the rose and Taylor was sent home. Her face when she didn’t get the rose was priceless. Honestly, I feel like Nick knew what he was going to do even before the date. I wish Nick would have sent both girls and their drama packing.

Meanwhile, you know Taylor isn’t going down without a fight. She decided to interrupt Corinne’s romantic dinner to confront Nick. What a waste! Why didn’t she speak up sooner? Now it just looks like a desperate plea for attention. He sent you home for a reason, Taylor. 

Now we’re stuck waiting until next week to see what she has to say to Nick. I’m willing to bet what she has to say doesn’t change a thing.

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