George Lopez goes on profanity-laced rant toward woman in audience

Woman became offended by Lopez joke in Phoenix

(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for The Natural Resources Defense Council)
(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for The Natural Resources Defense Council)

George Lopez went on a profanity-laced rant toward a woman in his audience Saturday night in Phoenix. reported the incident began when Lopez made a joke during his standup show about rules in a Latino family.

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He said, “There are only two rules in the Latino family -- don't marry somebody black and don't park in front of our house."

A woman seated in one of the front rows seemed offended by the joke and gave Lopez the middle finger, according to

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Lopez went off on the woman, saying:

“Sit your f--king a-- down! Sit your f--king a-- down! I’m talking b---h,” said Lopez. “You paid to see a show, sit you’re a-- down. You can’t take a joke, then you’re in the wrong motherf--king place. Sit your a-- down or get the f—k out of here.”

“I’ll give you two choices: Shut the f--k [up] or get the f--k out,” said Lopez. “I’ll tell you what, I’ll make the choice for you. Get the f—k out of here. I’ll make the choice for you, bye. You can’t take a joke you’re in the wrong motherf—king place. Bye,” Lopez said.  

The woman left the theater and Lopez added, “Four seats just opened up front.”

There is no word if the woman was refunded or reimbursed by Lopez or the theater.

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