Trail riders show appreciation for hospitality along the trail

11 different trail rides makes their way to SA for stock show and rodeo

SAN ANTONIO – Drivers along the back roads of the Hill Country and highways stretching south of San Antonio may come across a moment back in time. Eleven different trail rides are making their way to San Antonio for the start of the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo.

One of the rides is the Laredo Trail Ride.

"I love the people. I love the camaraderie. I love to be around the horses and the trail ride," said 80-year-old Jose A. Gutierrez, who has been riding with Laredo Trail Ride for over 20 years.

What makes the trail rides so special is the hospitality that is shown along the way. The Laredo Trail Ride covers 152 miles. One of the many stops they make long the way is at the Morales Feed and Supply store in Lytle.

"People have always ridden horses, and its right up our alley to do it," said Daniel Morales, son of the owners, Fred and Gina.

The Moraleses feed the riders lunch while their horses get a chance to rest up.

This is the seventh year the Morales hosted the riders. They took over what used to be the George Harris Western Center. 

The Harrises hosted the trail riders and encouraged the Moraleses to do the same. They were glad to carry on the tradition.

"It's cool to have these people come stop eat lunch with us and get to mingle with them," Morales said.

"It a long haul, so when we come in, it's nice that we have somebody take care of us and feed us and provide for us. We really appreciate them," said Angela Lawrence, who has been on the trail ride for over 25 years. She started when she was 9.

The Morales family plans to continue the tradition for years to come.

"I think it really does give you a true taste of what Texas is all about," Morales said.

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