Rey Feo visits city's first bilingual academy

Rey Feo spreads message on education, motivation

SAN ANTONIO – The 2017 Rey Feo, Fred Reyes, and his court surprised some of the youngest Fiesta fans at the city's first bilingual academy, Spanish Grove Academy.

La Reina de la Feria de las Flores also greeted students.

Rey Feo is spreading his message on education and said he believes in motivating students.

He also took along a few Star Wars characters to entertain students. The children were given the opportunity to take a picture with the crew.

The bilingual students at the academy range in ages from 18 months to preschool-age.
Reyes said a quarter of a million dollars was raised for the scholarships last year.

The owner of Spanish Grove Academy is also the Lo Bello Women's Association's 2017 la Reina Linda.