City's capital improvements medal urges residents to pick up poop

Slogan: "Have a Pooper? Be a scooper!"


SAN ANTONIO – The City of San Antonio's Transportation and Capital Improvements Department has a Fiesta medal promoting the power of picking up poop. 


The medal for their "Doo it Fur Our River" giveaway dons the slogan "Have a Pooper? Be a scooper!" 

Through April 21, Facebook and Twitter users that own pets will have a chance to win a medal, but you have to earn it. Just snap a photo or video of yourself scooping or throwing away your pet's poop in your yard or while taking your dog for a walk. Share it with TCI on Facebook or Twitter and include the hashtag #remembertheriver.

The medal promotes TCI's Remember the River education campaign, which promotes pet poop scooping and proper disposal all year long. These efforts help keep fecal bacteria from getting into our river and creek channels.