#SquatYourDog becomes latest internet craze

Finally: A 'challenge' that's not dangerous. Move over, cinnamon challenge!


Cinnamon challenge? Gross. Flour challenge? Even grosser. Ghost pepper challenge? We’re sweating just thinking about it. How about something a little more wholesome?

Enter the #SquatYourDog challenge, which has been popping up more and more lately on Instagram, perhaps as the latest internet trend.

It’s quite simple: You don’t want to skip leg day and it’s fun to involve your dog (in any situation, really. When doesn’t a dog make you feel better?)

So you pick up your animal -- these Instagram users below will show you some different ways to hold the dog -- and you squat. It works with dogs both big and small, although we have to assume a smaller dog means more reps!

Of course, you’re only going to want to attempt this if your dog seems willing. Your pet might squirm around a bit, but of course, that’s what makes it a challenge! It’ll help with your core muscles, we promise.

‪I knew Georgie's fatness would be useful one day. ‬ ‪#SquatYourDog 🐾‬

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sorry milo. #squatyourdog

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