About 17.3 million Americans believe ‘chocolate milk comes from brown cows,' report says

Survey finds 7 percent of adults think chocolate milk is from brown cows

Courtesy: AP
Courtesy: AP

In an online poll conducted by the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy, the survey found about 17.3 million American adults believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows.

According to CNN, the survey polled 1,000 American adults over a five-day period in May, finding 7 percent of people or about 17.3 million people answered that claim as their choice. 

The poll was conducted for the center’s “Undeniable Dairy” campaign in an effort to promote healthy dairy products and farms.

According to FoodandWine.com, “Where does chocolate milk come from?” was the question the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy asked.

(Graphic above provided by UndeniablyDairy.org)

A spokesperson for the campaign told CNN the final results were a bit surprising to the center and they could not find any reasoning to why American adults believe that claim.

"To be fair, some milk questions and myths may make us smile," the center said on its website. "But we realize we need accurate information to make the best choices for ourselves and our families about what we eat."


Not only did the 7 percent of American adults believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows, but 48 percent of those surveyed admitted they were unsure where chocolate milk comes from. 

Before the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy rolls out another myth-busting survey in the future, the answer to “Where does pink milk come from?” is: There’s no such thing as a pink cow.


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