You've 'goat' to be kidding me! Aggressive animal shatters door of Colorado business

Forget Ram tough…beware of this angry goat!

LOUISVILLE, Colorado – One of the biggest peer pressure moments in mankind history comes from a goat shattering not one, but two glass door windows as its accomplices look on.

Employees at a polyurethane manufacturer in Louisville, Colorado, showed up Monday morning to find the front door’s window gone, with broken glass everywhere.

After looking at the surveillance footage, they were surprised to find the culprit turned out not to be a burglar, but a four-legged animal that used its horns to destroy the front door windows.

The video starts with a goat standing at the front door while several other goats are loitering in the background. The animal rams the door several times before the glass finally breaks off in one piece, but shatters on the ground. The goat then takes off along with its buddies, but eventually comes back to finish what it started.

The goat is later seen trying to break the front windows, but after failed attempts, the animal goes back to the scene of the crime to only shatter the second door’s window.

According to local investigators, the gang of goats may have escaped from a nearby farm about a block away from the Colorado business.




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