Man with serious love for snow going viral for shirtless winter frolic

A man with a serious love for snow and Vanessa Carlton is going viral after wintry conditions swept through the South.

Da'Quan Bellard‏’s tweet, which has been retweeted more than a thousand times already, tells it all: “I’m from Louisiana. It doesn’t snow here often.”

We can tell.

Bellard’s video posted Friday afternoon is a definite joy-giving rival with J.J. Watt’s celebrations.

Bellard twirls his shirt as he jumps through the snow. His camera never leaves his smiling face as he spreads his joy to anyone he meets, including what appears to be a random passerby who looks as if he doesn’t want to be recorded.

The music makes the tweet especially memorable. Here’s the original song by Carlton if you, too, would like to frolic to it next time it snows in our area.

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