Man has daughter pose with celebrity, completely misses other celebrity standing right behind him

Did he really not know?

HonoredSpirit Tweet
HonoredSpirit Tweet

One man’s story about his friend's celebrity run-in gaffe is making the rounds on Twitter and it’s pretty awesome.

Twitter user @HonoredSpirit shared a photo Monday of his friend's daughter posing with none other than Matthew Broderick.

Broderick obliged a photo request from a daddy-daughter duo who stopped at a store in Montauk for snacks for the rest of their family, who were waiting in a car nearby.

Broderick, who was out with a friend, posed for the picture and the star-struck dad politely asked Broderick’s friend if he would move out of frame so he could snap a photo.

Sounds pretty normal right?

"They take the picture and go back to the car all big grins to the rest of the family, who all shout in unison WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??,” the Tweet reads.

What is the deal with THAT?? 

P.S. It's Jerry Seinfeld if you can't tell from the photo.

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