Riders compete to showcase cutting horses' agility, skill at San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

SAN ANTONIO – Riders at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo are competing with some of the most highly trained cutting horses to showcase the animals' agility and skill.

Chaser Crouch, 17, is focused on his timing and helping his horse, Zanny, when she needs it.

"The riders, we do a lot, you know, having, making sure we get good clean cuts and driving cattle up there. But once we put our hands down, it's mainly up to the horse,” Crouch said.

Riders get points deducted for trying to control the horse after the calf has been separated. Keeping your hands down and letting the horse take control takes a lot of trust.

“I trusted her and let her come back through the turn and she did for me,” Crouch said.

Here's what's happening at the San Antonio rodeo today: Friday, February 9, 2018

After four years of showing with his horse, Crouch loves the connection he has with her.

“There’s times I feel like she's showing me what to do instead of me showing her what to do. It's just that connection,” he said.

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And there’s a connection with the other riders.

"We go in there with every bit of mind to beat the kid that's in front of us and mark the highest score. But once we walk out, it's all a big family,” Crouch said.

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