SAPD offers tips on how to stay safe during Fiesta

Plans in place to patrol festivities to ensure public safety


SAN ANTONIO – With Fiesta less than one day away, there are some security measures in place to ensure the safety of those enjoying the festivities.

Fast Facts and Safety Tips:

  • San Antonio police are expected to be out in full force, as well as undercover units, officers of smaller municipality agencies and volunteers who will act as eyes and ears during the events.

  • During NIOSA, larger bags will be banned. Clear or mesh bags will be allowed.

  • More than 250 DWI arrests were made countywide during Fiesta 2017, according to Officer Douglas Greene, a spokesman for the San Antonio Police Department.

  • Drinking responsibly or having a ride home in place is highly recommended by officials.

  • Safety tips for children include taking a day-of picture of your child, having your child remember numbers and addresses in case they get lost and knowing where officers are located so they can help find them if they stray away.

  • Barriers and traffic officers will be in place to help prevent pedestrian accidents.

  • If a person violates traffic rules by driving around barriers, they can face a fine of up to $200.

  • More safety tips will be available on the San Antonio Police Department’s Facebook page.

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What Officer Doug Greene is saying:  

“The last couple of years for San Antonio, we have had a fatality-free Fiesta, and that takes hard work, not just for the community (but) law enforcement as well. There is no excuse to drive drunk, but we will be out looking for drunk drivers.”

“It is all about having safe family fun. Everybody here in San Antonio knows how to party. They are educated. We want everyone to spread the word, have fun, do it responsibly and enjoy Fiesta.”

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