SA family camping out to land prime spot for Battle of Flowers Parade

Family has been camping under highway for 7 days

SAN ANTONIO – There are several things you need in order to have the most comfortable campsite for the Battle of Flowers Parade.

Well, that’s according to professional parade camper Robert Trevino. He and his family took at least a week to set it all up.

Trevino claimed his spot on Broadway under the highway seven days before the parade start date and he is still setting it up.

First, he laid down at least 100 feet of carpet so his family won’t have to deal with walking on mud.

Then, he set up eight picnic tables, two large tents that sleep at least eight in each, two large barbecue pits and several fiesta lights run by a generator.

Trevino’s biggest challenge, however, is building wooden risers and staircases complete with railings to make sure his family can comfortably sit high up.

His wife and daughter have handmade all the flower decorations while Trevino plans on hanging a piñata over the highway rafters for the kids.

Trevino is a pro at this and said he’s been setting up shop for the parade for 30 years.

Trevino said he loves the tradition and seeing how happy the fiesta festivities make his family.

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