Texas DPS trooper dresses baby in tiny trooper uniform and it's adorable

DPS: 'CJ's current rank is Junior Trooper'


Brace yourself for intense cuteness. Texas Department of Public Safety Media Lt. Elizabeth Carter recently dressed her son, CJ Carter, in a baby-sized trooper uniform, and as one Facebook fan wrote, it's "the most precious thing ever."

DPS posted the pictures of the tiny trooper on its Facebook page as a Mother's Day tribute to recognize and thank all moms who work in law enforcement.

In one of the pictures Carter is in uniform holding CJ, who is also in uniform. Another shows CJ laughing while sitting in a pint-size wooden replica of a DPS patrol car.


Carter commented on the post, saying that her great aunt made the outfit for CJ out of an old uniform.

From the DPS' Facebook post: 

"CJ’s current rank is Junior Trooper and his current duty station is the El Paso area. Other duties as assigned include going to bed on time, looking adorable, entertaining guests, boosting morale, and patrolling with his K9 sidekick – a stuffed dachshund named Chase (after a cartoon, of course). While he may someday grow up to be a real DPS Trooper, CJ’s primary job duty for now is making sure his family is smiling on a regular basis. Mission accomplished, CJ!"

“Mom, I got your six!” CJ Carter, the son of DPS Region 4 Media Lt. Elizabeth Carter, is 10-41 (on duty). Now pushing...

Posted by Texas Department of Public Safety on Thursday, May 10, 2018


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